sail [sāl]
[ME seil, sail < OE segl, akin to Ger segel, prob. ult. < IE base * sek-, to cut > L secare, to cut, segmentum, segment]
1. any of the shaped sheets of canvas or other strong material spread to catch or deflect the wind, by means of which some vessels and some land vehicles are driven forward
2. sails collectively
3. a sailing vessel or vessels
4. a trip in a ship or boat, esp. one moved by sails
5. anything like a sail, as an arm of a windmill
[ME seilen < OE seglian < the n.]
a) to be moved forward by means of a sail or sails
b) to be moved forward on water by mechanical means such as a propeller
2. to move upon or travel by water: said of a vessel or its passengers
3. to begin a trip by water
4. to manage a sailboat, as in racing or cruising
5. to glide, float, or move steadily through the air
6. to move smoothly and with dignity, like a ship in full sail
7. Informal to move quickly
8. Informal to begin vigorously; throw oneself ( into) with energy
9. Informal to attack, criticize, or reprimand someone severely: with into
1. to move through or upon (a body of water) in a boat or ship
2. to manage or navigate (a boat or ship)
make sail
to begin a trip by water
sail against the wind
1. to sail a course that slants slightly away from the true direction of the wind; sail closehauled
2. to work under difficulties or against direct opposition: also sail near (to) the wind
sail close to the wind
1. to sail as nearly as possible straight against the wind
2. to be economical in one's affairs
3. to border on indecency, foolhardiness, etc.
set sail
1. to hoist the sails in preparation for departure
2. to start out on a voyage by water
take in sail
to lower sails, as in order to reduce the area of sail set
under sail
sailing; with sails set

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